The Warcraft Movie (Behind The Magic)

Early this year I seen one of the best films I’d ever seen for a long time, The Warcraft Movie. Although World of Warcraft was never my favorite game ever, the movie was brilliant. I don’t have a problem with World of Warcraft at all by the way, i played it for a quite a while (on and off) and it is a fantastic MMO, i just don’t play it anymore.

I was looking on Flipboard and i looked at the NextGen board and i seen a link to the “Art of VFX” blog. which had some posts of how the Warcraft Movie’s visuals were created. There a four short clips of how it was made and i thought it was just so interesting. Like how many variations of orc they made, the different War bands, the armor and even how the actor was involved. So the actor’s exact facial expressions were on the orcs faces and that actually blew my mind if I’m honest. It even shows you the amount of hair there is on Durotan compared (roughly one million) to the frost wolves which was roughly seven million hairs.

I highly recommend you watch these,

WARCRAFT: Four VFX Making of by Industrial Light & Magic


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