Rendered Spaceship – Spaceship project Finale !

I finished rendering my Spaceship in Maya.

Firstly I added 3 point lights. So I added an area light at the back, a spotlight on the right side and a directional light at the front. I then added another spotlight on the right to thicken up the lighting. I then got a space image from the internet which I personally think looked amazing.

This is the image from the internet.
Space ship fin 1.png
So after getting the image I changed the lighting colour to Orange. This gave the lighting a nice sharp orange colour onto the ship. I changed up the intensity on the lighting too. On the left you can see the lights in the scene and on the right you can see the ship in render mode. To get the render quality I changed the presents to “HD 1080” and changed the quality to “Production quality” and the anti-aliasing to the “Highest quality” which really sharpened the edges and the overall quality of the image. This made it ready to export.

Before exporting it to Photoshop I had to change the save settings to “save colour-management image” or the colours in textures wouldn’t function correctly.

Bad space.jpg
I exported it in Photoshop and truthfully I thought it looked awful. So using the brightness, exposure, brightness, saturation, channel mixer adjustments I made it look a lot better.
Spaceship Normal.png
This is the ship scene now and I think visually it looks a lot more sharp, crisp and clean. The Image is more clearer, the lighting is a lot more obvious and realistic and you can see the change in quality. I even adjusted the background using the colour mixers and the saturation.

I also decided to make another version, for experimental reasons.

Spaceship moving.png
This version is meant to make it look like the spaceship is actually moving. To do this I used the blur gallery and adjusted a few of the option and i think I think it looks like it moving.

Overall i think the spaceship project was a success in the end. I say the end because there was definitely a few learning curves. Probably the  biggest one is to think about how you are going to Uv unwrap while modeling the your object, because the last ship i made i liked better than this one, however, it was just too complicated to unwrap with the amount of time i had left.

So that was the Spaceship project, hoped you enjoyed.


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