Spaceship Project #5

In my project I had been using the spaceship i made in the first lesson, but because the ship is too difficult and would take a long time, i decided to create a new ship at home. I admit the ship isn’t as cool looking, but it was so much easier to Uv unwrap and although I could have used Matt’s ship, I’d rather do my own.

New Ship.png
Unlike last time I highlighted each section I unwrapped, which made my life a lot easier. I did this just using Lamberts. 
New Ship 2.png
After unwrapping I layout the Uvs so that they could be textured in Photoshop (they have already been textured in this)
Next i took this metal image from and started to mess around with it in Photoshop.
New Ship 3.png
This is it in Photoshop. I created a new layer underneath the original one and diffused (option on the right) the one on top (can’t remember what colour i used, i think it was white) and in the end it gave me this nice black colour. Then i used the method tiling. i duplicated the layer and revered the copy, making it look like the above. Using the “healing brush tool” i could then get rid of the seams you see in the middle, however, I’m pretty bad at using it at the moment. I then merged the layers together and used them in my texture.
New Ship 4.png
I then did another one using the diffuse tool, but this time i used blue for the layer, giving this really nice scarlet dark red, which really thought was a fantastic colour. With this one didn’t tile it up, because the areas i was using were quite small.
Space Uv test.png
So after using the magic wand tool and the rubber i got this result. I placed my texture where i saw fit and the changed the setting of the layer to diffuse, which allowed me to see the Uv lines. I then clicked onto the first layer with the magic wand tool, which highlighted the outlines of the Uvs. I then clicked on the layer with the texture on and pressed delete. This deleted any unneeded texture  outside of the lines. Any texture in other lines around the layer could be rubbed out. I’m sure you can see that the textures aren’t perfect, but it was the first time doing this.
Space thrust Uv test.png
I unwrapped the thrusters  of the ship separately  , just so there was more space on the main ship. Everything i did here was what i did with the main ship.
New Ship 5.png
So this is the texture on the ship. I originally used a Lambert, but it looked too dull and boring for a spaceship. I tested out three other different materials: a blinn, a Phong and a Phong E. A blinn is slightly more shiny than a Lambert. A phong is much more shiny than a blinn and a Phong E is slightly more shiny. The purpose of these is so the light reflects more off the material. In the end i used a blinn, because it looked perfect for my ship.



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