My Portfolio

So 3 weeks ago I presented my portfolio and I earned a Distinction from it, which I am very proud of. Must admit I was quite nervous going in, (but who wasn’t) but I was really excited to show off the work I had been doing during the week off and I’m very proud and happy that my teachers liked the game we had been developing and that the hard work paid off. Confidence was still lacking in the presentation, but I felt like I was more comfortable than last time, because I was standing up for starters, I knew my teachers a lot better and most important… I had a clicker and yes that sounds stupid, but when I got nervous I just clicked the red dot and It relived me from stress, like a lot.

I feel like that there should of been more developed models. By this I mean more detailed normals (using Mudbox/ Zbrush) and more detailed texture, especially when I did a lot Low Poly models. Also I feel like the models could have been presented more professionally.

The VFX section was a disaster I thought. The VFX that I presented was just too plain and simple and If I had the resources at home, I could have practiced and made it more interesting. I think the matte painting I did was good though and It was fun to create.

My animations could have been better, but I was unsure how to improve them and my patience lack with animation, although I enjoy watching the out come of the animation though and It is really fun at times, I think I just need a wider understanding of it.

Games Design was probably the best section, because I love creating games, even if they aren’t amazing. Experimenting with different styles and mechanics just fascinates me, so therefore I we created a lot different games and had plenty to present, I thought that went well.


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