My Future (Hopefully)

In the future I would love to either work for a company or even better start my own. The companies I would love to join would either be CD Projekt Red or Bethesda, however, these are big companies with a very large audience to impress and to start off with I think I would like to work with a smaller games company such as Face Punch Studios. Mostly I would love to set up a company with 5-10 people and start making games, but like it’s probably best to have experience in another games companies first. I would love to be a 3D modeler in the games industry, but a modeler for levels, so world design essentially. When I was younger I used to love playing the Far-cry instincts Predator map creator and I it brought out a lot of my imagination out into a playable world. To this day on the new Far-cry’s I play the map editor and create maps. The things I would like to create are walls, doors, tables, all that type of stuff. However, I would like to make weapons and quest items too.

To get myself to my goal I will have to advertise myself using Twitter and other social, with links or attachments with my portfolio on, which will help attract potential employers see my work and may hire me.I will also have go to University. Recently Teeside University came in and offered some really good courses and they have several code-less courses, meaning there is no programming involved and it’s all Art and modeling, which definalty caught mt attention, not to mention the studios, set ups and the courses look very interesting. Thing is I don’t want to waste my time and re learn everything  I have learned in college. Another University that offers a good Games Design course is Stoke University. However, I am still unsure where I actually want to go.


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