Inn Mini Game #4

So today I wouldn’t say finished, but finished the inn so that you walk around be like “ooo look at that”. Not every object is textured, however, I think it’s good enough for now. Today I added several partical effects. The oven spews out little bits of fire when it is cooking and the kegs (only 2 at the moment) pour out drink into the tankards. I also added a textured the floor and improved the lighting a little. Again not exhausted to it’s full potential, but is good enough to play for now.


Now, since that is done for now, the player has to actually get there, so I stared on the harder part, the village. So I whipped up 3 terrain textures: mud, grass and stone and because I am using the Unity’s terrain I didn’t have to spend all day planning and modeling the terrain. I created some simple paths to start off with and textured them, I then modeled and textured the Inn, which the player will be interacting with to get into the inn interior I have been making. I then set up a simple skybox, what I think looks quite pretty and I modeled a tree trunk, branch and bush (pink and green bush). This meant I could mix and match the objects to create different looking trees. Since the game will be Medieval/Fantasy, I made a pink bush, that glows pink and has small pink particals coming from it. Lastly I added some low poly looking water, that I made in a different project and animated it, which was surprisingly easy to put into Unity. So today has been very productive and more should be done soon.


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