Inn Mini Game #3

So today i started adding more signs and types of lighting.

I firstly added another drink called “Igneus Inferno” which is going to be a Whiskey like liqueur.

Next I added roof to the inn, so that the building was finally complete. I added pillars to the top to make it look more realistic. Since the building was complete I could focus on lighting. So I created a lantern as well as the candles. I wanted to use some sort of light map, but I didn’t really understand it, so instead i placed lights around it to make it look like it was glowing and the lighting up the environment. I also added a window, to make a presence of  natural light from outside. I lastly added a particle effect, using Unity’s particle effect creator. The flame wasn’t really that difficult to make, It just took a lot of messing around. So the Inn is nearly complete, It needs a some more objects to make the are look less empty and If i have time, everything else needs texturing.Candle.gif Prog 7.PNG

Prog 8.PNG


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