Inn Mini Game #2

Today I started doing some more of the Inn

I created the low class brew called the “Beggar’s Brew” which is a brown, slimy cheap ale for the low tier customers. I created the ovens for the food section of game. I did the diffuse and bump maps for the oven as you can see on picture 2. I created a pie and textured that,  tables and chairs. They are made from 4 different planks (they have diffuse and bump maps) with their own unique textures on them, 2 have nails in them, one has a stains on and the other is just a plain wood. I also created a table frame, so I could place the planks a top of them. Lastly i created some plates and some candles, so just some extra clutter. Sam should soon have some drawings and I can make a few posters, because the walls are looking bare.

Prog 4.PNGProg 5.PNGProg 6.PNG


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