Inn Mini Game

After creating a basic map for our RPG, we decided to have a job system and create a mini game out of it. The Fable franchise has a similar system. So for the past few days I started creating an interior for a tavern.

Prog 1.PNG
So I created some basic models so that I has a good idea of what will be in the tavern. This included a bar, kegs, stools, cups and barrels. They are just using shaders at the moment, but when the game is more developed, textures will be created for each model. So anyway this is the brief idea: the player is behind the bar and orders will be placed, so for example a pie and a cup of “Beggers Brew” (an ale in game), so the player will then go over to the correct barrel, click and fill the cup, the player will then go to the oven (not in build at the moment) and chose the pie option. When done they will place the drink and food on the bar and the pay will go up, however, if you mess it up ,it will deduct money.
Prog 2.PNG
This is the newest version, which I started and finished today. You can see that the walls are mapped with diffuse and bump maps. I made the textures myself using Photoshop. The barrels/kegs, buckets and tankards have normal maps to just add a little detail, instead of it being a boring shader. Hopefully the majority of this will be done for the portfolio, either way I’m going to be showing it.

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