Walk Cycle (100 posts in!)

So after about 4 attempts I finally finished my walk cycle. I used the Maya Jack rig. I thought it was extremely difficult to make it look, smooth and realistic. The main problem I encountered in making the animation was Maya. Maya just kept crashing and no matter how many times I would make a new save, It would just break and It was just so frustrating to put up with. So I sat down one night and was determent to at least make a simple walk cycle, so I did.

Blocking the walk cycle was extremely easy, I set it to 24 frames and then key framed the legs apart and switched them on frame 12. I then filled in the actual walking action on frames 8  and 12, this meant it looked like the man was lifting his legs, instead of doing a straddle jump randomly. After that I make his legs bend at certain frames. Also if you look carefully his hands sort of relax when the reach a point near the knee. This was all I did, but because of the several problems with the software I encountered, I think it look pretty good.


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