Evolution Of Games Design

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The original Mortal Kombat was released as an arcade game by Midway, which meant the controls were simply a joy stick and a few buttons. The game distinguished itself from other fighting games of the time, such as Street Fighter, with its unique control scheme. The controls consist of five buttons arranged in a four buttons for high and low punches and kicks with a block button at the center, as well as an eight-way joystick. Attacks can vary depending on the player’s distance from the opponent. All player characters have a shared set of attacks performed by holding the joystick in various directions, such as leg sweep and an uppercut; the latter attack knocks the enemy high into the air and causes a large amount of damage. However, since the game was released as an arcade game, it was harder for people to play the game, which meant it was harder for them to learn to play, making it harder to remember the moves.

Mortal Kombat X

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The newest to the franchise, Mortal Kombat X has exactly the same UI display and concept (two players fight each other), but it has enhanced in game-play drastically. First of all you can take the game home and play it there, which is already an upgrade to the first one. There are less buttons, a d-pad pad to use and 2 analog sticks, however, more possibilities and techniques. One analog stick allows you to move and jump and the other allows the player to combine it with buttons, to unleash special attacks. So they replaced the five buttons with four, added one more analog stick to take the stress off the joy stick and also added the d-pad for extra flexibility in game-play. The game graphically has also changed from the original; It’s now 3D with a lot more character design, (concepts and ideas and more possibilities).
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Now if there’s a game that what bring back painful memories (I stood to close to the batter on Baseball and got hit in the face) It’s this one. As well as the console, this game at the time was completely unique. Back then I would have never imagined a game where you could physically control the actions. The Wii opened so may possibilities for games design. In what game could you use your hand to swing a bat or bowl and bowling ball? This meaning you couldn’t really play 50% of the games created for the Wii because It required a physical action. This console changed the look on games as well, because you could be really active and achieve whatever the goal was of the game, which really is amazing. The audience for the game is more for families and under age users, however, the game is still good for adults. The visuals of the game aren’t amazing, but that’s what makes the game unique. Circle hands and floating bodies (they sometimes would have legs) would probably be unacceptable in other games.

Canis Canem Edit/Bully Scholarship Edition 

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Bully Scholarship Edition, originally titled Canis Canem Edit, was possibly one of my favorite games back in 2006. You played as Jimmy Hopkins who had been sent to Bullworth Academy boarding school, after being expelled from several schools. You build up your popularity with the different factions: Bullies, Preps, Greasers, Nerds and Jocks (eventually the Townies) and fight against Gary. Now for a 2006 game he visuals were amazing and the ability to out into an open world was groundbreaking. The audience for the game was a more for older children (16+). The game-play in general was like Grand Theft Auto in a school. So instead of having lethal weapons, you have a Spud Gun and a slingshot that is upgradable later in the game, instead of grenades yo have stink bombs, fire crackers and itching powder. You could change appearance of Jimmy and even attend classes (these were optional to go to, but you were missing out on some really useful bike upgrades) which were in a form of a mini game, which gave you bonuses to help you progress through the game. Instead of a Vehicle such as a car, you acquire a skateboard. The available platforms at the time was the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, it then later came out on the PC, Xbox 360 and the Wii and although these consoles differ a lot the mechanics were very versatile and easy to get the hang of if you changed platform.



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