LudumDare 38

So this weekend was hands down, one of the best weekends of this year so far, because instead of being really bored I created a game for the Ludum Dare Game Jam with Scott and Jake.

Scott did the code and me and Jake shared the art role and I also did the music/sound fx.

The theme was “Small Word” so after loads of ideas, we decided to base the environment inside a body and the characters would be viruses, bacteria and other things. You are put into a level and you have to fight off several waves of enemies and then you are sent to another level.

I made the cards, the main character, The king, the Berserker, level 1, level 2 and the Throne room.

Wanna Play ? —

Virus Character Sprite sheet.png
This is the sprite sheet of the main character, so it shows the animation of the character’s attack.
King Idle.png
This is the “King of Hearts”, who is the end game boss after the other levels. He has three cards:  Black heart (special enemies spawn and don’t drop Power ups), Buff card (buffs the strength and health of whatever enemies that are in the level) and the Rain card that rains acid from the sky.
Right ann.png
This is the Berserker character that pounds the ground, which knocks back the player.  
Level 1 Backdrop.png
Level 1 – based in the Stomach.
Level 2.png
Level 2 – Based in the Stomach.
Throne Room.png
Throne Level – Based in the chest.

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