Specular And Bump Maps At Home

Over the last day I’ve experimenting with specular maps. At first i didn’t really understand the point in them, but i looked further and they are super important if you want a scene’s lighting to look more realistic. So i tested it on this counter i made before hand and textured. A specular map allows you to chose how reflective you want the material to be.

Below you can see two examples of reflection on a object. On the right the material i just a phong without any adjustments, on the left is a phong but customized by me. Notice that only the nails are reflective and nothing else, which is more realistic, because wood is never that shiny, however, nails are.

Counter - Specular.PNG

You can see again the reflections of the nails compared to the wood, because I designed the light to do that on the map.

(insert gif here)




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