Low Poly RPG Update

So I took a break from this project for a while and after doing Matt’s low poly project I revisited it. I thought that a lot of the models were really plain (even though that was the idea), so I made a new Inn and did some hand painted textures.

After finishing the model i rendered it bare and then after finishing the textures i rendered it again.

The textures were very difficult to create from scratch but from what i did, i would say they were a pretty goof first attempt and i am quite proud of them, the wood one especially. I even painted the text.

These are rendered in turtle, with a 4 max and minimum rate.

No Text.png


Full .png

Pres 1.png

Pres 2.png

Wood Texture
Window Texture.png
Window Texture
Inn Wall Texture.png
Wall Texture
Sign  Texture

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