Low Poly Scene (Finale)

Presentation1 – Render presentation

Today I finished the entire Low poly scene an I think it went really well.

I really enjoyed doing low poly, probably more challenging and exciting than high poly, because you have a restricted poly count and I love the style.

I created a lot of the objects on the scene, including the coral, the sand, the water, the rocks, the lighthouse, the octopus and the chest. I even had a go of animating the chest and water. I used the a new deformer called a cluster #, which allowed me to selected specific faces to create the waves.  Unfortunately the animation randomly disappeared so the water no longer animates. The chest was pretty simple to animate and if I had time I would have made little bubbles come out. I then animated the fish and the shark. To do this I created a circle, changed a few of the vertexes and attached a bunch of fish and he shark to 3 separate circles. To create the bunch I had to add a null and assign them to it via the hierarchy.

To render the scene I used Turtle and I tried to batch render but it would have just took too long. The lighting was pretty simple to do; a few area and point lights.

Overall the project was very successful and I can’t wait to create the unity game with the assets.


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