Solo Game #3 (Finale)

Today I “finished” my solo game.

I added several new features to my game. They were waypoints for the enemy, collectables (with a score system) and a shooting system.

I made one collectable which was a laptop with the Fat Pig logo on top. The code then made the laptop disappear when the player collided with the laptop.

Laptop.pngI then added more to this, which was the score system.


Pic 3.PNG
These lines of code add 1 to the score, which is displayed using the UI system as shown below.

GIF 3.gif

Pic 4.PNG
This code is for the waypoints for the enemy character. This allowed me to place several waypoints to direct were the enemy character would go. I could increase the amount of waypoints and the speed.

The video blow shows a small clip of how the enemy character moves.

GIF 2.gif
As well as the waypoints I added a firing system as you can see.

I went for an auto fire option, which meant the character would be constantly firing. I could change the rate of fire, but I stuck to 2.

Pic 5.PNG
Lastly I added the prefab of what the character will be firing, when it was shooting.

Pic 6.PNG


All the assets I created :

Table and Chairs.pngOutline.pngEnemy-Recovered.png

Couch 1.jpg.png

Character 2.png


Floor 1.png


Outside Wall 1.pngOutside Wall 2.pngWall 1.pngWall 2.pngCarpet.png

I’m sure there is a lot of improvement needed such as the player randomly disappearing, rotating the character and even killing the player when he is hit by the projectile, but for a first attempt and a little help I managed to a make a small functioning game. I’m still bot confident for the exam, however, I feel a bit more confident than I did.



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