My Ident: Finished

Today I finished batch rendering my animation and put it into Adobe premier to export it as an Mp4 file. I then put it into Viemo so that you can see the video.

When I was animating the pig I faced a few challengers to stop the balloon from clipping through the pig and the balloon being static. This meant redoing the Hierarchy 3 different times, but luckily it was an easy fix. The other problem was positioning the pig for when he blew up the balloon, because the balloon would go through the floor, so I had to put the pig on the edge.

I demonstrated a lot of exaggeration and anticipation in this animation. Exaggeration occurred when the pig blew up into a big ball and there was a lot anticipation when he was blowing up the balloon.

I’m probably proud of the overall animation because it was my first time doing animation really.

I would definably make the arcs on the jumping more smoother and I would make the pig look like its taking breaths when blowing up the balloon.

Overall I think a lot of it could have went better, such as the renderer I used and especially the animation itself. It could have been more smoother and cleaner on the blowing up the balloon par, there could have been more anticipation in the animation.


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