Sky Replacement

Today with Gary we started to learn how to replace the sky in a composition.

We learned two ways, the first way was the Linear way. This was quite simple. I had to get my image of whatever and get a sky and put it where I wanted it.  I then added a Linear wipe, which allowed me to feather the sky to make it look a lot more realistic. I then added a linear colour key which allowed me to colour pick the sky and smooth it, again to make it look  ore realistic.Sky.PNGSky 2.PNG

The second way was the Colourama way, which I thought was a lot more complex. Firstly I had to make sure the TrickMat was set to Luma inverted Matte on one of the layers and then I pre-composed the top layer. This created a separated composition within the composition, I then added a Colorama layer on top to make this really funky filter. I then chose the ramp to grey and messed with the black and white. Next placed a balck solid behind the layer and then I got the pen tool and drew around the white marks. I finally placed the sky down and added a Matte choker to smooth out the edges.Sky 3.PNG


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