Artist Research

Alex Pardee

The function of the work is to be displayed on the website.

The work conveys an innocent character shown in an evil way which I really like. I really like the form of the art, such as the style (illustrated and very linear). I think this was made in a traditional way with some fine brushes, however, it could definitely be a digital piece.

I dislike that there is no background on the picture and the picture looks like it’s floating.


Dave Mckean

I like the way this piece is presented as a collage, well it is one pretty much. There is a lot going on in the picture, which pleases me and the environment is exciting. It’s random and it’s something would do.


Elif Varol Ergen

Safe to say this picture as well as the artist is completely mad, but I really like the weirdness and the brutality represented. I like the use of traditional painting in a sort of modern style, although I am not sure of what paint it is, maybe acrylic?

I also noticed the painting is referenced and a bit of a twist (quite literally) from Goya’s Horrors Of War drawings, which is shown below. This would explain the brutality.

Goya Rip Off.jpg

Goya’s Horror’s Of War

Francis Bacon




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