Pixar – Mike’s New Car Analysis

At the beginning of the video there is a small use of staging, to represent the mood of Mike and Sully. So Mike is really excited and Sully is hiding to represent the next scene is a surprise. This also creates anticipation. When Sully takes is hands off his eyes the car is revealed to the audience and him, with a slightly nervous and excited Mike, which is again staging to represent the mood. Sully looks a bit let down by the car, judging by his appeal. His body language says it all: his shoulders almost instantly drop and his face looks disappointed.

When Mike is showing the car, he creates several arcs with his arms, which makes his arm movements look more excited. When Sully enters the car, there is a representation of staging again and also squash and stretch. He is unable to fit in the car. This shown by himself being squashed between the roof and his seat. His face also look annoyed.


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