My Ident : Batch Rendering Test

Today I started to learn how to Batch Rendering my animation in Maya. This meant that Maya would render my animation frame by frame.

To do this I went to my render settings and changed the name of the file to “Pig thing” and changed the  image format to PNG to give it an Alpha channel (transparent) for Adobe Premier. I then changed the frames and frame padding.

I then changed the Frame Range (starting and ending frames). I then had to make sure it was going to render my camera and not in perspective mode. For testing purposes I didn’t set my presents to 1080p but to 540. When I create the finished video I will do it in 1080p. Lastly I made sure the project was set so there was an image folder, to put my renders in. I could now batch render it. This took about 5  minutes to do.

I created a new project in Premier and exported my sequence into a new scene. I made three of these to see what improvements I could make.

Pig ren 1.gif
Test 1


Pig ren 2.gif
Test 2


Pig ren 3.gif
Test 3

With all three tests I changed the lighting in Maya, because it’s too bright, but when I export it to Premier, it seems to be too bright. This is a thing I will change in the future.


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