Tracking With Mocha

Today with Pete and Gary we learned how to use the software Mocha, which is a tracking software, which you can access from the animation tab in After Effects.

I imported the pre made footage and illustrations, but I decided to use my own image. I clicked on the animation tab to open Mocha. I then used the “X pen” to create a section for Mocha to track and then dragged a blue box, for where the image will be placed. I then had to go through the pain of waiting for it to track, frame by frame.

When that was done I exported the tacking data and copied it to After Effects. I had to create a black solid. This is the layer I placed my exported Mocha file on. I then got my chosen image and made it the same size as the composition and dragged it above the layer. The image then fitted into the box made in Mocha. This was the result …GIF meme.gif

I then did another one, but it didn’t go as planned …Train.gif


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