Dystopian Fire Car

ve-research    <— link to research

For the last few weeks I have been designing and creating a Dystopian vehicle for Tony. We had to create some sort of service vehicle such as a police car or even a street cleaner. I decided on a Fire engine, however, I thought that I could be just a car and the drones could be the ones to put out fires. So imagine a person in the car, controlling the drones and the drones with hoses attached to them, putting out the fire.

The setting is about 90 years into the future, where no one really needs to work and robots do the hard work. This city is m ore rich and secure and the people in poverty live underground and are forgotten. The wealthy city has great services, therefore crime is hardly a matter, fires are out by drones reducing the risk of injuries in fire and the health wise, everyone is disease free.

I began with a car with wheels and I thought this could be a good idea in more of a present day.IMG_1852.JPGIMG_1853.JPGIMG_1854.JPG

The car got a lot more smaller, but i tried to look in another direction for this vehicle, however, i still wanted it to be a service vehicle.

So I decided that cars could fly as you can imagine in the future (it also saved me a lot of time). So I changed my idea a little. I also based a lot of my ideas on the demolition man cars and even the Futurama cars.

So I began to model my car and I smoothed it a lot to give it a more semi vintage look, but it was futuristic as well. IMG_1855.JPG

I then used Mental Ray to render it and compared to the default Maya renderer, it looked amazing. After rendering them I then had to find a background.Render 1.pngRender 2.pngRender 3.pngRender 4.pngRender 5.pngRender 6.pngRender 7.pngRender 8.pngI then got a background from the internet. I did start on my own, but I ran out of time to finish it. I got the Lijiang Tower loading screen from Overwatch and Photoshoped it to make it look like a full skyline of a city. I then placed my render on the background. My result was this …Dis Car.jpg


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