Global Game Jam 2017

This weekend i participated in the 2017 Global Game Jam. This was also my first time doing it. We had two days to create a game on any engine in anyway. Every year there is a new theme and the theme this year was, Waves. We had some interesting ideas such as sound waves, waves of enemies and even water. However, we finally agreed on Light waves.

This was a unique idea in the college, because no one actually thought of it. The idea was a light shoots through the door, it then goes through a cube prism with the option to rotate left, right, up and down. The light could not travel diagonally.

The game was also set in a night club, so we modeled Dj decks, a bar, tables and chairs. We put some flashy lights to make it look a bit more club themed and of course some dance music. I made all the music on garage band, i made about 6 songs including the main menu music. We a intractable environment by the player being able to change the music by clicking the Dj set.

As well as the music I did the main menu, the UI screens, the cube model and the doors. Liam made the other models and the dialogue and Scott did all the code.

After completing the game we live streamed the build and of course the second level broke, but it’s fixed now. We had some feedback from Jon Wills a programmer from Ubisoft and used to work for Epic Games. He said he liked our idea and said to make more levels and make a the Cube rotation more clear.

Overall the Game Jam was successful and bring on next year !

This version has the broken level 2 in. (wear headphones).


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