Animation: Hierarchies And Deformers

Today I started creating my own character and prepped it for the animation process.

I did a bit of research of what my character should be. I looked at different vehicles such as cars and trucks and then I looked at animals and I debated between the giraffe or the pig, I later decided on the pig. I haven’t decided on the name yet but Pedro the pig is starting to stand out.

I began to model Pedro and this I what it the final out come was. I then made a hierarchy for it. 

A hierarchy works a bit like the parenting and child system in unity. So there will be the main object (parent) in this case was the body and the arms were the child, because they will move with the model and that’s basically what it is. It’s like a tree of objects in order.

I haven’t used the deformers yet, however, Matt showed me. So they are a set of options based off the principles of animation. For example there was an option to squash and stretch the object, but in an advanced way, so there is more flexibility with the option.

Next week I will add deformers and start animating.


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