Project Robot (Finale)

On Thursday I handed in Tony’s project of the robot. We had to sketch several ideas of robots and make a final robot. We could draw this, use Photoshop, illustrator and even use Maya/3Ds Max. I chose to my final robot on Maya.

So firstly i started going down a mech sort of style, which i really liked.IMG_1688.JPG

Then i went for more of a crazy robot sort of style, which i didn’t really like.


So i went down a violent route again. This is like a robot with loads of missile launchers.


Again a  more violent route but a lot smaller, but more faster and flexible with multiple legs and arms.


But then i started making them a bit more innocent and less violent such as this one. He’s more of worker because he has drills for hands.


And this one. He looks almost terrified of his own shadow.


Then i drew this and i knew this was my final idea. I love music and i thought why not have robot that plays music for you. I also decided the robot should have a post apocalyptic feel to it, like a Mad max style. So he was going to be rusted and made from scrap almost.


So modeled and textured the robot that i designed and i was quite happy with it. As you can see he has dirt and rust decals on him to make him look like scrap.
Render Full.png
I took an image from google maps and used it as background ( i blurred it a little in Photoshop) and i rendered the robot. Also i put the number two to make it look like he’s been marked by the creator. 

This project was quite fun to do and i wasn’t actually expecting me to make an innocent robot.


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