Room Project (Finale)


After a long month of getting the basics of Maya, I finally completed my room project. I haven’t posted about the progression for a while, but it’s definitely safe to say i have improved since the last post.


When i first started this project i was very sacred that i couldn’t model half of the objects in my kitchen, so i did several practice runs through specific models such as the oven. During the project i learnt how to model and texture better via the lessons and someone called Mike Hermes, who was brilliant at explaining lighting and modelling techniques as well as in class with Matt.

There was a few things that defiantly stopped me from completing the task, such as the Uvs messing up and texturing wrong. Before actually learning how to texture in class, i textured by adding the file to the object and adjusting the Uvs. I mean it wasn’t completely wrong, i just didn’t have the flexibility to change things around like in Photoshop. Texturing this way actually improved my Photoshop skill a lot i hardly used it until then. The other problem i had was when the Uvs messed up and i had to planar map certain shells again which set me back.

To improve my room, i would add more objects that were in the Kitchen such as the kettle and the toaster. I would also refine certain textures, because some are quite messy as you can see in the power point.

I think i the lighting in the render was good. Since my kitchen light is quite dull, the lighting wasn’t really that hard to do, but it could probably look better. The renders of the individual objects and the scene i think are well done, but that’s my opinion.

Hope you think it looks alright for my first attempt and not going to lie, it was pretty fun to do.

There is a power point link at the top with all the materials and the finished room in.

These are a few reference pictures of my kitchen to go with the model.IMG_1539.JPGIMG_1540.JPGIMG_1585.JPGIMG_1536.JPG

This is it without the render Full Render.png


(final renders would be here but it wouldn’t let me upload them, 1 is the cover photo)


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