3D Camera Tracking

Today with Pete we learned how to create 3d text into a video clip.

First I created a new composition and changed the preset to “HDTV 1080 25”, which was a higher resolution image. I also in the same menu changed the duration of the clip 8 seconds.

I then added my text. My text was my name, which I gave 3D dimensions and I added a Spotlight on the text and I ticked the “cast shadows” box. I turned the text and the light invisible so that I could add the next steps with a quicker performance.

Next I changed the “Renderer” option to “Ray-traced 3D” which marked the text to the ground. I then added a 3D camera so I could edit the 3D tracker, which gave me access to these little colourful tracking dots. This helped me track the entire scene. I then went down to advanced and turned on “Detailed Analysis”, which as it says analysed the scene in detail.

Because the tracking dots were set, I made a ground plane using the dots, which allowed me to create the origin (about 4 seconds in). I then made the text and the light visible and played the scene to make sure it worked. I then repositioned it and put it on an angle, just to make look a bit different. I played it again and the result is what you see now.



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