Texturing Using Photoshop

On Friday with Matt we finished up our Uv unwrapping on our ship and some people started texturing. I didn’t in class, but I started at home. I’ve been texturing already, but differently as you know by my recent posts. So i gave the proper version a go and it is definitely more accurate and you can be more flexible with the process, because you can physically paint more details on.

I re textured my bin for my room project, to test.

Bin 2.png
This is the bin my way (before i learnt the actual way)
Bin 6.png
So the process i did was, I selected all the shells in the UV editor and clicked the “layout” tool, which automatically placed the shells in the top right of the editor. i then did a “UV snapshot” which is what you can see above. I set the resolution to 2048 by 2048, giving it a high quality image and put it in Photoshop. This is for the lid.
Bin 5.png
So the rest is pretty simple. I dragged the texture in, the i selected the “Magic wand” tool, which selects everything around that layer, this allowed the texture to be perfectly fitted. This makes the process almost too easy.
Bread Bin UV Map.png
This is the main texture as well.
Bin 4.png
This is the final model and i think the quality and the look, without anything else added look one hundred times better.



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