Room Project #5

Since i last posted I’ve been pretty busy with the walking game, however, i have made an Oven from my house.

So this a bad photo of my oven.
Oven 2.png
And this is is the model i made for it in Maya. The colours are not 100%, even though i actually took them from the oven, but i think it looks alright.

In my opnion this was the hardest thing I’ve had to texture yet, only because of the amount of polygons in this object. The cloth was probably the easiest to do because i just Nclothed it and mapped it all in one.

Crap Oven.png
I am pretty proud of the oven, because the first oven i modeled looked like the image above and it wasn’t great really.

black.jpgIMG_1597.JPGIMG_1599.JPGOven hob.png

All these textures were taken by me apart from the hob one, because i was unable to take a decent picture of my oven hub, but yeah that’s it.

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