Making A Walk Through Game #6

So this week I’ve been focusing more on this project. I have made several things (some are from Matt’s project). So as you know I started on the child’s bedroom for my game, by creating the bed. So now I’ve attempted to decorate the bedroom further.

Kid room 1.png
So i created 2 new posters (one is around the corner), 2 books, a shelf, 4 planets and i downloaded some wallpaper from the internet. 
Kid room 2.png
So these are the books i made. I terribly created the covers in Photoshop. The Submarine game is actually an Easter egg, referencing our little group’s side project which is based in a submarine and the Scarecrow… well I don’t know.
Kid room 3.png
Them I quickly made a basic shelf.

I made the planets in Maya too, but I can’t seem to find the files.

Oven 3.png
I then created this oven for Matt’s project, but again decided to put it into my game.

But I didn’t stop there. I then created a new mechanic for my game. A zoom in button. Truthfully i didn’t do it by myself, i got some help from the internet, but the problems i encountered i did fix myself.

Zoom Button.png
This is the zoom button in action. Nothing really special, but you can zoom (by pressing right click) now.
Zoom Button2.png
This is the code for it.




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