Making A Walk Through Game #5

This morning I finalized and made some more models for my game.

Firstly i finished the kitchen table. It’s not really amazing but it’s a table. The UV unwrapping was easy, but accidentally kept sewing the wrong edges together, so it took longer than it should have.
Table 2.png
This is the table in Unity, I added a small normal map to it, you can’t really see it very good, but i just added it to make the texture look a little more 3D.
Next i created the kitchen chairs to with the tables, it took me a while because i made the same mistake as the table.
Chair 2.png
This is it in Unity.
I made a bed for the next room in the game, which is the child’s bedroom. This was weirdly ┬áthe easiest one. It took me just less than an hour to do all of it. To create the blanket i used the “Ncloth”, which makes your mesh look like a cloth. To do this i put an Ncloth collider on the mattress and played the scene. This meant the object with the Ncloth could form it’s shape. The Uv unwrapping was really easy too.
Bed 2.png
This is the bed in the room, which will be the child’s room.
Lastly i made a poster. I quickly UV unwrapped the plain and added a Ncloth to it, just to make the poster look a bit more creased. Finally i added the texture, which was an old space poster.
Poster 2.png
This is it in Unity.

download (2).jpgab2336a6041e4f56b00703a2d3ded872.jpgbe430e739509b9c5bd547e5228669fc8.jpgspace.jpgIMG_1563.JPG

These are all the textures i used to create my objects.Most of them are from the internet.






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