Room Project #1

So on Friday we were given an assignment from Matt to either create a room in hour house or a spaceship interior in Maya. I have chosen room in my house, because it is easier to reference and get textures for my objects. My room of choice was the kitchen, because A, that is where the food is kept and B, I like the layout of my kitchen and thought it would be fun.

So the past week i have been attempting to UV unwrap and after sitting down and practicing it for hours, i attempted to texture part of one of my object.

UV home 2.png
This is the UVs of the cupboard. I sewed a lot of them together, because they were in lots of little bits.
UV home 1.png
Outside of the UV editor i added a new Lambert and textured it with a checkered image. I chose this texture, because it shows the distortion of the UVs, therefore showing the UVs which are drastically out of place.
This is an outrageous drawing of cupboard from my kitchen.
This is the cupboard i have modeled  (not the door yet)


I took photos of specific surfaces of the cupboard so i could import them into Maya and Photoshop to normal map and edit.
UV home 3.png
This is the final cupboard and for a firsr attempt it looks alright.

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