Gone Back In time (Flash Games)

Flash Homework.png
Firstly i played one out of two of my favorite games ever from the internet. Weirdly this helped me get through a lot when i was younger. I used to play it on my Mam’s slow laptop in the old room and it was amazing. Getting to the end and having loads of money and spamming the units button was great. By far one of the best flash games I’ve ever played as a child.
Flash Homework 2.png
I typed in the Google “best flash games” and this was actually number one. I don’t agree it’s number one, however, i used to play this a lot, especially with my friend Nathan and it was a very fun game to play. It was simple but very enjoyable.
Flash Homework 3.png
So I’m a sucker for war games and especially when they’re strategy games. So when i found this as a kid i was over the moon. Like i spent hours on this game doing the campaign then even more on the custom battles. Just trench warfare in general is great and the fact you could mustard gas and bomb troops was amazing.
Flash Homework 4.png
Swords and Sandals 2

This is my second favorite flash game. I don’t know what it is about starting off as this rubbish, feeble gladiator and rising to the top as one of the best, buying armor, weapons and enchantments on way, but i love it. I spent hours ans hours on this game, playing it over and over again. I made a really stupid character as you can see. Then when you enter tournaments against this really tough bosses, it’s just fantastic.


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