EGX 2016

So on Friday i went to EGX gaming convention with the college. It was an amazing experience and i seen some incredible games, merch and people. I met almost the entire Yogscast team(some weren’t there), who are famous you tubers who I’ve been watching since like 2008/2009.I may have turned into a bit of a fan boy there, but wouldn’t you ? I met them and they signed the posters i bought, so that was an experience by itself. Not to mention we played some of the latest games and watched the parts of the Overwatch and Counter Strike Global Offensive tournaments. i really wanted to play Mafia 3, but I’m not 18 so i couldn’t. I spent all the money i had on Merchandise. So i got two Yogscast posters, a Yogscast T-shirt, a lucky dip Hat Films (part of the Yogscast) wrist band and a Toad hat from Mario, because why not. Also i’d like to mention Amt’s cosplay of Lugi was very impressive (sorry if others did, i never seen).IMG_1467.JPGIMG_1486.JPGIMG_1481.JPGIMG_1485.JPGIMG_1478.JPGIMG_1475.JPGIMG_1474.JPGIMG_1473.JPGIMG_1471.JPGIMG_1468.JPGIMG_1469.JPG



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