My Maze Game (Game 1)

maze-stuff  <—– Link to annotated game


So recently we started making a maze game. Me being me it couldn’t be a serious one, so I made a “Dank meme” one. Yes the design is terrible (which is why I’m making a new one in my own time), but it’s safe to say that it’s all in the gameplay.

The background are only Google images so it’s not very good.

Although the Design of the game wasn’t really thought out, I did learn how to do basic animation. I did this using a Key frames. I had to convert the shape into a symbol and move it slightly (adding a Key frame each time). This created a successful moving object.

I did make the characters myself, even know they were made out of standard shapes. Each level is unique and very hard, so I hope you enjoy.

I’m currently working on a better game, with better design all together, using my own pictures and potentially own music.


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